Body Biolytics Inks Agreement with Smart Garments Company

Body Biolytics Inks Agreement with Smart Garments Company

smart garments lingerieStonington, CT-based Body Biolytics, LLC, a leading digital health technology company specializing in software algorithms for extracting biometrics from embedded wearable device sensors, today announced a partnership agreement with, a Vancouver, British Columbia smart garment technology firm for the global lingerie industry.

In announcing the agreement, Body Biolytics Founder/CTO, Kevin Logan, said:

“Many people perceive life as becoming increasing stressful, particularly with regard to world events today, from politics to terrorism. It’s widely accepted that stress has significant negative long-term effects on health and wellness. We are developing a platform where women can use a smartphone and companion Web App to track historical stress levels, helping them manage their stress levels to live longer, happier lives. By coupling our biometric signal extraction technology with machine learning, Body Biolytics and can push this concept to market at a rapid pace. is developing fashionable, biosensor-enabled apparel, starting with the brasserie, which will indicate stress level in real-time and issue alerts when stress level is elevated compared to a user’s own individualized normal baseline.”

Pakching Ng, founder of commented:

“We are excited to partner with Body Biolytics and utilize their prize winning technology to create our wearable tech stress management platform. Our goal is to become a major player in the global $12 billion Lingerie Industry. Our products will join a rapidly growing smart clothing category that includes industry giants like Google, Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas, as well as smart-bra companies like the Canadian firm OMSignal, Victoria’s Secret, Sensilk, Sensoria, and a host of others.”

Logan continuing added: “While some stress is a normal part of life, unmanaged stress can increase the risk of heart disease and have a significant impact on mental health. There is substantial scientific background on stress measurement. The polygraph, also called the “lie detector”, dates back to 1921 and measures physiological metrics such as blood pressure, heart and respiration rates, and galvanic skin response as a subject responds to various questions designed to trigger emotional responses. Similarly, sensorized clothing technology now allows such metrics to be acquired and analyzed in the context of an individualized baseline model derived from machine learning.”

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