Body Biolytics Teams with UCONN’s Korey Stringer Institute for Hydration Monitoring Tech


Stonington, CT (November 7, 2014) – Body Biolytics, a new tech start-up being spun out here by MACSEA Ltd, has signed a cooperative research agreement with UCONN’s Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) for the development of activity and human health monitoring software to be used in wearable devices to assess and monitor hydration status. This will allow the device to provide feedback to the user to help maintain an appropriate hydration status. The agreement provides Body Biolytics with access to KSI’s expertise in thermoregulation and hydration, as well as the scientific test facilities located in the Department of Kinesiology’s Human Performance Laboratory at UCONN’s Storrs, CT campus.

The new company is focused on developing activity and human health monitoring software for the sports/fitness, remote elderly monitoring, and digital health markets. Hydration status is an important factor for daily health and will compliment the activity recognition technology currently under development by Body Biolytics. MACSEA pioneered innovative equipment health monitoring technology over the last three decades in the marine industry, applying a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning software to large sensor databases to predict failures of critical equipment on Navy ships. Body Biolytics was formed to pivot this predictive analytics technology into the digital health arena, where human condition monitoring with wearable bio-sensing devices can make similar predictions to avoid health problems. Currently, Body Biolytics is seeking to partner with companies developing wearable devices that can monitor continuous status to measure biophysical parameters. Early detection and prevention of issues such as dehydration can significantly cut medical costs by avoiding the more serious problems that often follow. In sports applications, it may actually save lives. Currently, there is no real-time assessment capability for individual, continuous hydration monitoring.

“We’re really excited to be able to work with a world-class group like KSI right here in our own backyard,” remarked Body Biolytics President, Kevin Logan. “The Human Performance Lab at UCONN’s Department of Kinesiology is a great resource that can reduce our time-to-market for a variety of products on our development roadmap.”

About KSI

The Korey Stringer Institute is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide first-rate education, information, resources, assistance, and advocacy for the prevention of sudden death in sport and physical activity. KSI has established itself as a leader in the prevention of sudden death in sport and physical activity.

KSI’s Human Performance Laboratory, located in Gampel Pavilion on UCONN’s Storrs campus, is a 7,800 square feet research facility for studies in thermoregulation, hydration, and athletic performance testing. An environmentally controlled exercise test chamber allows scientific testing under precise temperature and humidity. The facilities also include biomechanics, biochemistry, and metabolic testing labs. KSI also has a number of notable corporate partners with ties to sports hydration, including the National Football League, Gatorade, and Camelbak.

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