Insights gained from MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2018

We recently attended the MIT SLOAN Sports Analytics Conference 2018 in Boston. What a great conference focused on how sports organizations are harnessing analytics for competitive advantage, not only on the field & courts, but also on the business side of sports as well. One of our key takeaways – what we’re doing in bowling […]

Body Biolytics Develops Bowler Wrist Band for Real-Time Shot Analysis

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 in sports devices | No Comments

Stonington, CT-based Body Biolytics, LLC, a leading innovator in activity recognition and motion analytics using wearables today announced a performance improvement solution for bowling called the Plus20™ Shot Analyzer comprised of a motion sensor-enabled wrist band and smartphone mobile application. The Plus20 Shot Analyzer records motion data from wrist band sensors and displays key bowling shot […]