Body Biolytics provides Activity Recognition Engines (AREs) that are easily used by data aggregators and application developers to bring useful machine learning technology & AI features into their software or app.

Develop intelligent services to make life easier.

Many experts believe that the convergence of embedded and wearable computing will bring revolutionary changes in the way we live. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to create a connected space of devices, objects, and systems that will share information in various ways to make life simpler and better, including enhanced health, safety, and well-being for all people. Coupled with wireless sensor networks, IoT will support yet-to-be-defined applications that can recognize our activities to provide intelligent services and information to make life easier.

Context-Aware Applications for the Masses

Activity recognition is part of the broader, evolving area of automated context awareness. Similar to existing location-aware applications that use GPS coordinates to serve out useful information based on where you are, context-aware applications will provide services and information based on what you are doing and how you are doing it. The capability to automatically recognize human activities, whether in a sports/fitness context or daily living context, will enable the development of a large variety of context-aware applications. Body Biolytics will provide market-specific AREs that can be easily used by data aggregators and application developers lacking our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Access to our AREs will be through simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for a nominal transaction fee.


Market Specific Activity Recognition

The extent of human activity is somewhat well-defined for the majority of the world population. Most of us go about our lives following a predictable and, with available biophysical and motion sensors, recognizable patterns of temporal activities. With powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence tools at our disposal, we are developing ARE software that will specifically focus on activities related to key market segments, such as Sports/Fitness, Elder-care, and Obesity. We are also considering other areas such as automotive (driver behavior monitoring) that have broad reach and the potential to save lives.