Plus 20 bowling shot analyzer

band bowling statsPlus20 is a high-tech wristband and smartphone mobile application that uses advanced motion sensors to analyze your bowling style.

Plus20 can quickly help you improve your bowling average by as much as 20 pins! Become a better bowler by using Plus20 scientific metrics to improve consistency. Kids, parents, even grandparents, love how easy it is to use and how much more fun bowling can be.


PATENTED technology


It’s as Easy as 1, 2 , 3

wear wristband

The sensorized Plus20 wristband captures your bowling swing motion and computes shot metrics that have never been available before.

bowling wristband

After your shot, view force, speed, and swing timing values on your smart phone.

analyze bowling stats

A dashboard instantly shows you how you did. Consistent shots will quickly improve your average. Have some fun beating your friends!

The shot metrics provide by Plus20 are rarely available outside of professional bowling test facilities. Plus20 not only helped me improve my game, but now I can use it with my students to rapidly improve their bowling skills with measurable performance data. Plus20 is definitely a game changer for bowling”.

Dave Marsh

USBC Silver Certified Coach