Body Biolytics Develops Bowler Wrist Band for Real-Time Shot Analysis

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Plus20 logoStonington, CT-based Body Biolytics, LLC, a leading innovator in activity recognition and motion analytics using wearables today announced a performance improvement solution for bowling called the Plus20™ Shot Analyzer comprised of a motion sensor-enabled wrist band and smartphone mobile application.

The Plus20 Shot Analyzer records motion data from wrist band sensors and displays key bowling shot metrics to help bowlers perform more consistently to raise their bowling average.   Shot metrics include speed and force at release, the duration of the bowler’s backswing and front swing arm motion, and hand angular velocity, which correlates to ball revolution rate at release.

In announcing the first of its kind consumer product, the company said:

“Smart technology is in widespread use across many sports including golf, tennis and baseball to provide real time analytics.  Bowling performance analysis still relies only predominately on videotape, except for a few test facilities.   The Plus20 Shot Analyzer permits bowlers to immediately see their shot metrics. These personal shot metrics can be recorded and tracked over time to help bowlers achieve consistency of body mechanics that is essential for improving performance.  The mobile phone application displays shot metrics immediately after each shot and can also display historical data from previous shots.”

Dave Marsh, a USBC Silver Certified Coach, a participant in early user trials of the Plus20 Shot Analyzer, commented: “The shot metrics provided by Plus20 Shot Analyzer are rarely available outside of professional bowling test facilities. It not only helped me improve my game, but now I can use it with my students to rapidly improve their bowling skills with measurable performance data.

In my opinion, the Plus20 Shot Analyzer will revolutionize the sport of bowling by giving bowlers a convenient and affordable way to quantify their motion, track their consistency, and become better bowlers.”

Body Biolytics now has a working demonstration of the Plus 20 Shot Analyzer.  Next, we are working on a fundraising round to provide the capital to finalize the production design of the bowling product.  The core technology of the Plus20 Shot Analyzer is applicable to various sports including golf, tennis and other racquet sports.  We have had discussions with collegiate basketball coaches who see a need to improve shooting skills and with martial arts instructors interested in knowing the metrics of thrown punches in training matches.

In addition to individual users, we believe our technology can adapted for use on bowling TV broadcasts to stimulate viewer interest by showing real time on-screen bowling metrics similar to shot trajectory and greens topography in golf telecasts.

Body Biolytics President/CTO, Kevin Logan, also remarked: “The basis of starting our company was advanced activity recognition. Our product development roadmap involves applying this technology across several verticals, from sports performance monitoring to elderly safety, as well as other digital health apps. The underlying technology of the Plus20 bowling product, from acquiring body-worn sensor data, to cloud-based analytics and delivery of useful information back to the user on mobile platforms, will be very similar across all of our future products.”

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